Level 3 Qualifications at the BFC

The BFC has been approved by EAL as a centre to offer Level 3 Qualifications for Fire Alarm and Fire Extinguisher Technicians

What’s the biggest challenges facing fire safety organisations today?

One of the most important things nowadays is for an employer to be able to prove in a court of law that the employee sent to do a job is competent to carry out the task.

The critical word above is ‘prove’.

Additionally a reputable employer would want his employee to do a good job, giving value for money and securing future work with from that customer or by their recommendation.

To achieve this, there is a need for good and robust training, recognised and independently approved, followed by regular refresher training to keep up to date.

The BFC provides just that, for fire extinguisher and fire alarm technicians.  All the BFC instructors are well recognised experts in their fields.

All BFC training courses contain a good mix of theoretical and practical sessions, giving an all round training experience and giving the student confidence when he first goes into the field.

Everything needed for the course is provided, the courses are relaxed and welcoming.  The student needs to bring nothing with them, except a preparedness to work hard.

The successful result of that hard work, BFC certification, satisfies that ‘proof’ if needed, and gives the employer confidence in knowing that the person sent out has been trained well enough to do a good job.

The BFC is working with the Institution of Fire Engineers who approves the courses and formally awards the appropriate amount of CPD hours to each course.

Level 3 Fire Extinguisher Technician

Recognised four day course and examination to become a ‘competent person’ in the installation and maintenance of portable fire extinguishers.

Approved by the Institute of Fire Engineers. (IFE)

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One Day course designed around BS 5266-1

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Extinguisher Refresher

A one day course designed to maintain competent person status to BS 5306-3

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Level 3 Fire Alarm Technician

Covering 4 modules in accordance with BS 5839-1

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